Humble Beginnings

In 1794 a few ‘godly men’ opened a Sunday School in the old Bull Inn on Walkden Moor but the rising population of the area proved the necessity for a church building.  Walkden Moor was the area where the families of miner and canal boat builders lived and so, in 1838, Lord Francis Egerton, the first Earl of Ellesmere, endowed the first purpose built place of worship on Walkden Moor. This was St. Georges and in 1839 the infant school was built.

An unusual architectural feature of our church is The Earl’s Door which leads from outside directly into the chancel area in front of the altar.  This allowed the Earl to attend services without having to ‘mingle’ with his workers who had also come to worship.

Our church boasts a ring of eight bells in the tower.  The clock,  a gift of the Mayor of Wigan and manufactured by  W. H. Bailey of Salford, has three faces and Westminster chimes which strike the quarter hours and O’clock.